Dental Implants


Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces teeth roots with a metal or screw-like post and replaces the missing teeth with an artificial one. The artificial tooth implants look exactly like teeth and function like the original ones as well.

Why Dental implants

Dental implants are an option if you:

  • Have one or more teeth missing.
  • Difficulty chewing food.
  • Dentures aren’t fitting properly.
  • Have missing teeth and your jawbone is deteriorating.
  • Have missing teeth and the infection is bad enough.
  • Feel your face is sinking in due to bone loss from missing teeth.


Steps for the procedure

  • Infected tooth removal.
  • Jawbone preparation (grafting when necessary).
  • Dental implant placement.
  • Bone growth and healing.
  • Abutment placement.
  • Crown placement(Artificial tooth placement).