Dentures are a set of artificial teeth and gums that formed specifically for your mouth created by your dentist to replace broken or removed natural teeth. Dentures can be full or partial; they can replace all your teeth on the upper or lower gum line or some of your missing teeth. Dentures are specifically designed for your mouth so that they match your existing teeth and fit well. Dentures are made out of hard resin. The material used to create dentures is more fragile than our natural teeth and can easily crack or chip if dropped. The material wears out more quickly so it is usually advised to replace them with a new set every 5-6 years.

Why get dentures

  • Loss of natural teeth.
  • Restoring your smile.
  • To prevent facial muscle sagging (Without teeth facial muscles can sag).
  • Eat and speak properly.


  • Taking an impression of the jaw.
  • Check the fitting using a wax model.
  • The final denture is made with reference to the wax model.
  • A final set of dentures is provided to the patient.